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Why should I hire a professional videographer?

Photography is an art form, and it captures one aspect of the day beautifully. A video is different because it includes movement and sound-your walk down the aisle, what it sounded like when you were pronounced husband and wife for the first time, that groovy dance only your Dad knows how to do, and the crazy stories the best man chose to share. You will be able to remember those moves and words if you have a video to watch on your ten or twenty year anniversary.

A professional videographer, unlike a friend or family member with a camera, will not only be able to capture all those moments with color corrected and non shaky video, but also with professional quality wireless microphones so that you will actually be able to hear the groom whisper "I love you" when the camera person is standing safely out of the way. Without professional video of the day's events, you may be looking at a great photo of you and your guests laughing and wondering what was so funny.


I am going to have a family member film my wedding, won’t that be good enough?

Although Uncle Charlie has the best of intentions, does he have the proper equipment to do the job right? Does he have the stamina, know-how and experience when it comes to filming a wedding? Can he anticipate the important events and know what to film and when? When you think about it, capturing, producing and creating professional video in the editing process is extremely demanding. If you wouldn't allow a family member to capture your photographs, than why rely on one to capture your video? Your wedding day is too important to take chances on photo and video services.


How do you set yourself apart from others in the industry?

We are not a large video company that has many different shooting and editing crews. We personally oversee just about all of our shoots and do all of the editing on all of our projects. We work with the same regular pool of two or three others that we have trained with the same eye for detail. Finally, we feel our work is far-and-beyond the best in our market area, especially for our reasonable price points.


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